My fervent belief in the assessment process compelled me to create a coherent path from assessment to therapy that encourages vibrant health. A thorough evaluation is the basis for uncovering the true cause in identifying the blockages. Doing so greatly reduces the time to return to a healthy state by early identification of causes and simplified protocols.

nu|vision scaling technology holistic health service
Holistic Health Services

Clerisy Holistic Health Service utilizes a revolutionary software that uses holographic scaling technology to provide a three-dimensional representation of their body’s energetic centres. This information identifies areas for targeted therapy. Clerisy utilizes the latest in telemedicine, and may be performed in-person or remotely world wide. 

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AtlasPROfilax®, a modern neuromuscular massage technique, applies vibro pressure and massages the short neck muscles, with significant and sustainable effect on the first cervical vertebra (atlas). It releases a pressure on the pyramidal tracts, relieves muscle tension and nerve compression and facilitates self-recovery of the spine system. By treatment with AtlasPROfilax, the body’s homostasis will be established and patients can easily control their body through limbs’ rapid and flexible action in concert with brain function.

And the most revolutionary about this technique: it’s a safe, instantly effective and is usually a one-time application! To learn more or book here

What is broken can be mended, what hurts can be healed, and no matter how hard it gets, the sun will rise again.